Our Simulators

We offer 8 professional rigs. You can find two types of simulators with us:

4 Motion 4DOF rigs from Qubic System. These are our flagship simulators based on a motion platform, faithfully reproducing even the slightest movement of a car or bumps on the track. We guarantee you will get addicted after first hour of driving!

The traction control system and pedals requiring almost 70 kg of pressure will make you feel like you’re behind the wheel of a racing car.

In addition, we have 4 static rigs. Less demanding, suitable for beginners or those who prefer calmer machines.


Meet our sims!

Motion Rig

Rig: Qubic System QS-V20 4DOF
Pedals: Heusinkveld Sprint
Base: Simucube 2 Sport
Wheels: Cubecontrols GT Sport + Moza FSR 
Seat: Mirko GTS homologated 
Seatbelts: Sandtler 4 point 
Handbrake; Bobtec, TK Customs
Shifter : Fanatec Shifter
PC:  RTX 3070Ti, Intel I5-12400F, SSD Samsung 1TB M.2 980, 16gb Ram 3600Mhz,
Monitor: 3x Aoc 34” Curved 165hz
Headphones: Logitech G Pro, Endorfy Viro Pro

Static Rig

Rig: Sim Dream Project 
Pedals: Fanatec V3
Base: Fanatec DD 8nm
Wheels: CSL Elite Mclaren GT3 V2 or Fanatec P1 
Handbrake; Bobtech
PC: RTX 3060Ti, Intel I5-11400F, SSD Samsung 512GB M.2 980, 16gb Ram 3600Mhz,
Monitor: Samsung SuperUltrawide 49 Cali CHG90
Headphones: Logitech G Pro, Endorfy Viro Pro