Perfect gift!

Looking for an idea for an original gift?

One of the many uses of our simulators can be turning them into the perfect gift. Instead of another pair of shoes or another book, it’s worth trying a different solution. Simracing Dream machines come to the rescue. Just contact us by phone or in person, provide the lucky person’s details for whom we should issue the voucher, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please call us at +48 538 401 398 or send an email to kontakt@simracingdream.pl

Gift packaging is included in the price.

The voucher is valid for both types of simulators and can cover from half an hour to 10 hours of driving.

Check our pricelist

SIM 30 minutes 1 hour 10 horus
35 zł
65 zł

650 zł 590zł

79 zł
149 zł

1500 zł  1150zł